Minolta 24-85mm RS f/3.5-4.5 on Full Frame

Started Feb 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Mr. Friedman sir!

I have this lens but it has been sidelined to some extent by my preference for using a 28-135mm on my A900 as a general purpose lens. All my older Minolta lenses have taken on a new lease of life thanks to LR 4 which has superior CA & distortion correction facilities. To those who have not adopted LR 4 I would strongly urge them to do so.

The 24-85mm has however found a new role on my Sony NEX 7 + LA EA2 where it performs very well giving me a lens of 36-127mm ( 35mm Equivalent ). This combination is acceptable aesthetically & balances quite well & is not too heavy. Slow shutter speeds & lack of IS restricts its usefulness in low light but it produces very good photos in good light.

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