Sony translucent mirror technology or Sony mirrorless?

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Re: The WA factor and other issues

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Kim Flowers wrote:

Perhaps the smaller sensor size on the Nikon plays a part, too, but I suspect your understanding goes way beyond that. Of the NEX cameras, I was mostly interested in the 6, since it has the extra control dial and the EVF, but wide angle shots are important to me. I did see several landscape shots on flickriver taken with the NEX 5N that were amazing, so I'm surprised to learn that WA can be tricky with them. This fact coupled with the advantage in quick AF with the SLT (oh, and the price point), I think I'm leaning that direction. Thanks a lot for your input!

Very wa is more of an issue with the considerably smaller pixels of the 7 than the 5n.

To be more clear, it's not an issue AT ALL with the 5N (5R) or the NEX 6. It was only an issue with the 7 (and still is, I believe). I have shot 11mm on my 5N without a single issue to correct. I even have an 8/2.8 fisheye lens and it performs magnificently on my 5N.

I'd suggest "not quite". As I said after the bit you quoted from me, lens design appears to be a   a factor as well. While the 5n/6 are much better in this respect than the 7, I'd still be looking at the performance wa of specific lenses. Yes you will find wa on the 5n and 6 that perform just fine, but I wouldn't assume that all will.

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