70-200 f4 VR tested on Photozone

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Re: 70-200 f4 VR tested on Photozone

Ken Strain wrote:

Thanks for posting this! I have not been looking at Photozone much recently as it seemed relatively dead.

It was interesting to compare the new lens with the Tamron 70-300VC which I got (used) as a stop-gap when moving from 5Dii to a D800. I am not dissapointed with the Tamron even having used a Canon 70-200/4 LIS, but was very curious to see how the new lens turned out.

The test you kindly linked shows the Nikon 70-200 to be just a little better than the Tamron (Nikon FF test) in several respects (mainly at 200mm where the aperture difference starts to become significant). The results don't convince me to spend 4x as much on the new lens as I did on the Tamron, not yet anyway.


If you shoot people and subjects where the extreme corners are not of much concern, the 70-200 F4 really is just an overpriced consumer zoom.

But if you shoot landscapes and subjects where corners matter, the F4 optics are superior to the Tamron at 200mm and down.

Other than that the Tamron's sharpness is frighteningly close to my 70-200 VRII, not to mention my old 300mm F4.

I still can't get over how sharp the Tamron 70-300 is at 300mm!

Go to the gallery image to view this better. This is 300mm with the Tamron.


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