Powershot G12 a good buy?

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Powershot G12 a good buy?

iroberts696 wrote:

Have a G11 and very pleased with its portability / image quality / controllability - from the reviews would expect the G12 to be same only more so.

However repairs can be costly £175 to replace a 'flex connector' a year ago, also front blinds have scratched the lens and I now have occasional sensor dust bunnies at small apertures. ( camera kept in well padded ccs pouch ).

Personally I find the 2 years from the bleading edge to be a sweet spot for camera/computer technology.

So £200 for the G12 seems a good deal to me as I expect the fragility, dust and scratching issues will also be common to later more costly models.


I have a G11 which gets used a lot, performs well and has been totally reliable.  Certainly no issues with the blinds scratching the lens, or dust inside, despite it having been used extensively in India, Asia and Africa. The G12 has some worthwhile improvements and would seem a very reasonable buy at the price you have been offered it at.

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