Narrowing down the lenses for purchase - which lenses should I go for?

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Re: Narrowing down the lenses for purchase - which lenses should I go for?

copydeskcat wrote:

Hi chaps,

I'm slowly narrowing down my various purchases for my DSLR videography kit.

I'm set on the 5d Mk III for my camera, but I'm now starting to look at lenses - specifically for filming video.

Obviously, I'm on something of a budget here, but I can stretch a little when it comes to the lenses, but not by much.

Firstly, I can get a kit deal with the 5D that comes with the EF 24-105mm, which seems like a decent wide-angle zoom lens (and when purchased as a kit with the 5D, the lens is half the normal price), but I'm wondering how good it will be for video? Should I rule it out and spend the money better on another lens for the £350 I'd be spending on it, or should I go for something like the Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 or maybe the Canon EF 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS?

I like the look of the Sigma 30mm and the 50mm as my normal lenses, but I also like the look of the Canon 50mm 1.4 (a lot of people are saying to go for the Canon). Thoughts?

As for extreme wide-angle, I'm eying the Canon 10-22mm (roughly £460), but I'm wondering if there's something else that might do the job slightly cheaper?

Any thoughts on these would be much appreciated.

For info, I'll be mainly shooting talking head interviews, some GVs/low action - and possible some low action drama.



like others have said, slow down and learn more about the different DSLR lens and video capabilities.  You're getting confused with crop lens and full frame models (not a good mix !)

Check out a DSLR video section or the 5DmkIII section for an optimum set-up


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