Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Hi All

DonParrot wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

Terada's statement is pretty clear cut. A DSLR with a better viewfinder (optical as of today). And offering to fill the entry level E-xxx as well as Pro DSLR niches. The only thing he did not say is which DSLR line would come next, an E-xxx, an E-xx or an E-x.

No sir. He talked about FT and a viefinder and AF performance that will have what it takes to make the FT users happy. At the same time, he didn't say with a single word that the coming camera that is supposed to realise this goal will be a DSLR. And - to be honest - I don't see Oly investing in a dying breed, such as the DSLR technology.

And then, I don't think that all those who left the boat are ready to come back - and it will be extremely difficult for Oly to acquire new FT DSLR users.

So, as I have understood Toshi Terada, there will be cameras that will make the FT users happy - but he didn't promise a DSLR.

Just like to say i agree with Don's view.

There are some seriously good "entry" level DSLR's being produced today. Think Nikon D3200 with 24mp and Pentax K-30 with weather sealing.

My E-420 is back up for to a Pentax K-30. Each month that passes without an Oly entry level DSLR futher erodes Olympus's potential 4/3 rds market share.

It seems to me that the future for Olympus is micro 4/3 rds, why risk anything else?

I will not be holding my breath for a new Oly FT DSLR.



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