Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: 20Mp is for Cropping with slow short lenses

AdamT wrote:

the 20Mp of the RX100 is far more use for Cropping than anything else - the lens is horribly slow and not especially sharp at full zoom from the samples (rather like the S90/100) - it`d be better to use less zoom where its faster and sharper and crop than use all the zoom , more stable to hold too .

If you really don`t need 20Mp for cropping or big prints then to be honest the RX100 is wasted , a cheap S90/95/100 is the answer and it`s a lot more compact, smaller files, the S100 is wider too

The two comments I bolded are counter to each other.  If it isn't sharp, you can't crop.  The reality is the RX100 IS sharper than S100 and pretty much everything in it's size class.  If you pixel peep, it might look softer, but you can fix this quick by just downsizing to the same resolution as the other camera you are pixel peeping against.  Once you do that you will see better resolution from the RX100.  I have had multiple cameras in this size class, including the S100 and XZ-1, and LX7.  The only thing I really miss, with the RX100 is extremely close macro.  When it comes to IQ, the RX100 is a revelation.

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