Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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dave gaines wrote:

Terada's statement is pretty clear cut. A DSLR with a better viewfinder (optical as of today). And offering to fill the entry level E-xxx as well as Pro DSLR niches. The only thing he did not say is which DSLR line would come next, an E-xxx, an E-xx or an E-x.

No sir. He talked about FT and a viefinder and AF performance that will have what it takes to make the FT users happy. At the same time, he didn't say with a single word that the coming camera that is supposed to realise this goal will be a DSLR. And - to  be honest - I don't see Oly investing in a dying breed, such as the DSLR technology.

My E-M5 has (with the mFT lenses) a better C-AF than the 4xx, 5xx and 6xx series ever had and is not far from the one of the E-30. It even provides a working tracking function,spmething that none ogf my Oly DSLRs ever had. And I don't see any reason why a coming mirrorless camera shouldn't outperform my E-30 or the E-5 - even with my FT lenses. Oly has been working on the OBS camera since 2009 and the signs are getting more and more obvious that this camera is about to be launched.

To make one thing clear: I wouldn't mind buying a compact FT DSLR featuring the E-M5 sensor and an improved C-AF performance - but I don't think that this is the way Oly will have gone. After all, despite their game-changer camera E-M5, their financial situation still isn't too healthy and they have to make oney.

Had the Sony sensor been availble in time for the E-5 - or even better - the E-620, it might have been possible to secure the market share for FT the system always deserved. But now...?

First of all, I'm convinced that the DSLR is - like I mentioned before - a dying breed. Already now, it's S-AF is outclassed by the MILC offerings by Oly and Panny. It's faster, it's far more precise and AF adjustment is a foreign concept, for MILC users. Solve the C-AF problem wit the FT lenses and there's absolutely nothing speaking for the DSLR concept.

Then, it's just a question if somebody is ready to say farewell to the OVF or not. But that's just a question of flexibility, not of quality. I believe that the vast majority of those who claim that shooting with an EVF is horrible never tried to do so. Yes, it's different and it takes you a while to accustom to it. I'd say half a day. But in the end, you do accustom to it and the experience is just a great as shooting with an OVF. And don't forget all the avantages such als live histogram or other infos in your EVF, menu control via the EVF as well as picture control in the EVF - every spectacle wearer just has to love it as he can put his glasses into his bag while shooting.

And then, I don't think that all those who left the boat are ready to come back - and it will be extremely difficult for Oly to acquire new FT DSLR users.

So, as I have understood Toshi Terada, there will be cameras that will make the FT users happy - but he didn't promise a DSLR.

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