G3 vs. G5 Help

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
Big Ga Forum Pro • Posts: 18,606
Re: G3 vs. G5 Help

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

I love my G5 but that is is the one thing that drives me nuts.

I suspect you've got the camera strap set WAY too low ....

No just had a look

phew ... must have been a hairy experience ...

to see what you mean but the strap is irrelevant.

"Drives .... me ... nuts....."

Whoosh .... that's the sound of the humor airplane whizzing overhead. You're not American by any chance?

For my clumsy hands it's just too sensitive.

I think there is some special gel you can get to help with that .....

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