Canon "M" lag and focus disappointment

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Pending new sensor for EOS-M successor?

Sheldon Bowles wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

That is what happens when you put your trust in brand names instead of reading reviews. Everybody everywhere was saying that the EOS M is total junk and probably the worst mirrorless camera out there (save for maybe Pentax jokes) since day one.

I did trust the Canon brand name. I'd not say it was junk, not by a long shot. The photos posted in this thread by folks who know what they're doing is ample proof that this is one powerful little machine. I still think the focus and lag is not as good as they should be --- but I'm also willing to admit I don't much know what I'm doing. Again, the photos in this thread are ample proof of that.

I don't think I mentioned it before but Canon have a new sensor that they applied for a Patent with the US Patents office earlier last year (around July 2012?)... anyway, it was for a "camera with interchangeable lenses" and the diagram showed that specific patterns of individual pixels on the sensor were replaced with tiny contrast detectors.  Every second one of these was angled either left-right and up-down, forming a mesh of focus-purposed sensors over the entire surface of the image sensor.  The stated purpose of this new sensor was to "reduce hunting" where the lens hunts for a focus lock.

I don't know WHEN this new sensor will make it into cameras from Canon but it's clear that this might be a contender for the EOS-MX (or whatever the Pro-version is going to be called).

It should speed up AF speed and AF accuracy.  I have every intention of upgrading my EOS-M to this new model should it present itself in the next year or so.  But I will also endeavor to get plenty more decent shots out of the EOS-M until it shows up since Canon are likely to be slow in getting this new gadget to market.

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