70-200 f4 VR tested on Photozone

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Re: But whichever you mean Jim..

Lance B wrote:

HSway wrote:

Lance B wrote:

HSway wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

An internet myth nipped in the bud?

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You mean by dxomark?

Where's your love for it people now?

Meaning what exactly?

Lance B

Jim posted resolution data. I refer to dxomark ironically. Hard to figure it out?

What's your problem?

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I am beginning to think you may not understand:

I was responding to someone else. He said 70-200/4 bubble is burst pointing out some data correlation consisting of close resolution numbers. Plug two very different dxomark ‘s results (out of  three) for 70-200/4 and f2.8 version and whole correlation looks slightly different? Yeah, seems like that. Not quite exactly bases for a bubble bursting. I will repeat in keywords: Great difference & correlation & what site report is nipping which bud?

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