5D vs. OM-D

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Re: 5D vs. OM-D

Hey man, no problem.  I appreciate the informal comparison.  I was just trying to better understand how much they were cropped so that I could understand how much the DOF was affected.  If you switched from 4/3 to 3:2, the images are only cropped a further 4% (on the diagonal) with isn't all that significant.

Thanks for sharing.

jaeming wrote:

Yeah, the positions and angle are bound to be different since I didn't happen to have a tripod handy.

I crop a good amount of my 4/3 images to 3:2 because I prefer that aspect over 4:3. Must be to do with my years of working in TV and the transition away from 4:3 television to 16:9

Sorry if it's not helpful. I just edited and cropped the images according to my taste as I didn't really think about sharing it until after the fact.



Optical1 wrote:

Thanks for sharing your quick comparison. One question is how much are the second and third shots cropped? When comparing FF to a crop sensor camera with shallow DOF IN MIND, it hardly seems fair to crop the smaller sensor's image even further.

Also, were you in the same location when you took the second sert of images (against the house) the OMD shot looks like it may be more perpendicular to the wall, increasing the amount of the wall that is in focus.

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