Just upgraded to EPL-5 and very happy with it..

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Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,773
Re: Just upgraded to EPL-5 and very happy with it..

Linus M wrote:


Then I got the EPL-3 and it had some improvements over the EPL-1 but not in the picture quality. The shadows always looked bad even after lifting them a bit.


I found something about the e-pL3 & e-pM1 : if you adjust the shadows tone curve it makes MUCH cleaner and blacker shadows.

For some reason Olympus ship them out with a too-shallow shadow curve and it was wrecking the overall tone of my pictures by boosting shadows into noisy greys, and that's with gradation normal.

I found the fix when trying to get something like Panasonic's dynamic B&W on my e-pM1.

Tone curve.

No matter, you have the new sensor now...

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