Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

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Re: Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

Elements is great, I've used Photoshop in my job for over a decade and the current elements versions offer so much for photography that it's a wonder anyone skips it.  It's quite full featured other than the 8 bit processing, but the price is fantastic.  Costco had a sale on elements 11 a while ago for 40$ I think.

I personally use Lightroom for my RAW adjustments/conversion and then clean up in elements, and by clean up I mean context aware healing brush and clone stamp for kids with gook continuously on their faces.  Occasionally I do a good bit more processing, but most of the time it's just my touch up tool.

Layer mask support makes elements a real winner so long as you don't process to the point of banding due to the relatively low bit depth support.  And yes unsharp mask is the way to go, of course you can do that in Lightroom as well.

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