Food photography, C&C please?

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Re: Food photography, C&C please?

Wei Kelun wrote:

Hi DPReview friends, I'm a beginner here, looking for some C&C on my food photography. Let me start out by saying that I have to work with the light that I have. I'm taking pictures in my kitchen, which has some diffuse overhead lights from overly-warm incandescent bulbs, and two halogen spot lights which are a bit whiter and more focussed.

I do appreciate that my pictures would be better if I could take the food to a studio where I had lots of pure, beautiful, diffuse white light coming from the right directions. But that's a bit unrealistic for now, given budget constraints. So any tips for how to make the best of a bad situation?

I know the ISO is high and there's plenty of irritating noise at 100%, but this isn't meant for an enlargement, so I'm hoping the noise issue isn't too bad. I'd have dialed the ISO down further, but I wanted the depth of field to stay fairly wide. (I know, I know, get a tripod.)

Twice-cooked beef with fresh chiles, cumin, Xinjiang dry spices, and Xiaoxing rice wine.

I didn't notice the shadows as much as I noticed the bluish highlight in the background (a reflection from the table?) If it was my photo I would make everything beyond the edge of the tablecloth dark brown or black so the "focus" became the food.

On my monitor the food looks slightly out of focus.  This may be because of your slow 1/25th second shutter speed which, as you acknowledge, needs a tripod to hold the camera steady.

Thanks for the recipe - I'm no cook but I'm sure my wife would enjoy cooking it.  It looks delicious and we love Asian food.

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