If I take a photo...II - Challenge: Sunset in the mountains II

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Re: If I take a photo...II - Challenge: Sunset in the mountains II

Tony Tomlin wrote:

John of Brisbane wrote:

Tony Tomlin wrote:

There was certainly no attempt on the part of the entrant to pass the work off as his own and the rules did not state - as many do - that it should be the entrants photo, so the inclusion was innocent. Think of it this way - we all saw an interesting shot but to avoid a deluge of "Others" work, I think the rule should be part of the site standards.

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If you want to display other peoples work it can be done in your gallery with the correct acknowledgements. In ANY competition one expects the contestants to be competing their own work/talents /skills. It should not even have to be specifically stated in the rules. Do we have to state EVERYTHING which would normally be implied. It's cute that he put an acknowledgement on the photo, but this was just a facetious attempt to get around the fact that it's CHEATING. The host should have immediately DQ'd the photo. There is enough cheating going on here without "honest" cheating now making it's way in.

Aha! you have exposed my lifelong weakness - a tendency to look for the best in people. I saw a man proud of an older relative and wishing to share with us his interesting picture. Noting that it didn't flout any rules he did just that and we all enjoyed it (at least I did).

Is "honest cheating" an oxymoron?

In your post, were you SHOUTING at me or are you just always angry? (Smile)

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Not shouting at you or anyone. Just empahsising the obvious. I can see what the the person was trying to do, but it is totally the wrong place to do it. I too prefer to look for the best in people but am constantly disappointed by the lengths to which people will go to show their worst side especially here in DPR. Always angry?  no ... but constantly frustrated here. Maybe I should just shut up and not say anything ... as if anyone would care.

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