Another shot using SAF + MF on the EM-5 + 75-300

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Re: Another shot using SAF + MF on the EM-5 + 75-300

Brian Wadie wrote:

Hi Boxerman, no I'm still keeping IS/1 on even at these relatively high shutter speeds and so long as get my focus spot on I find that my copy of the 75-300 remains sharp all the way out to 300mm. BUT, if I miss the plane of focus by even a small amount at f8 and at distance it does take on a rather messy looking edge to the subject, even at ISO 200.

All hand-held by the way

It was this that encouraged my to spend time working up my "Focus Tweaking" method where I rest the lens in my left hand, loosely holding the focus ring, AF to near enough the point (usually single point focus box, sometimes to 10X mag) then rotate the ring so that the eye or whatever the point of interes tis pops into focus in the EVF. (EVF set to high refresh rate)

I've never tried using the LCD for this but as an escapee from the world of DSLR I've never got on with working the image that way

Its become instinctive now so I find it diffcult to describe it more clearly but I hope it gives you the idea (works just as well with active subjects, kids, windsurfers, birds in flight, bees in flight etc)

If the subject needs rapid panning then I will switch to IS/2 but for slower pans (birds at distance, aircraft displays etc I find IS/1 is fine)

well done Brian. Thanks for sharing your technique too.

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