New APS-C body... where is it? what's going on?!

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Zvonimir Tosic
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It could be EOFY in Japan

Japanese financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March.

If they want to go clean slate for a larger announcement of brand new products, start of financial year makes some things easier.

However, I also agree that lack of activity in the upper APS-C DSLR segment by Nikon and Canon could be seized by Pentax and take some valuable momentum. K-5, K-5 II have a great reputation, K-30 too, and extra bodies would ignite some extra confidence of people in Pentax Ricoh commitment.

But in 18 months since their matrimony, we haven't seen any child of theirs, not even a hint of it.

Let's not forget one thing too: only reason K-5II is so popular is because Nikon and Canon have not updated their top APS-C range in almost 3 years, yet kept their respectable price points almost unchanged.

Pentax has been navigating through appropriate price adjustments, and perhaps underrating K-5 as well, which has proven to be a popular move for new purchases who perceived K-5 as a better value for money.

But if Nikon and Canon did something more substantial to their top APS-C range, things wouldn't be as good for Pentax. Their silence and lack of will and any kind of commitment to say anything about their future is at least unnerving, if not embarrassing and downright rude.

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