Are you thinking about selling your D600 and try from a new lot?

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Re: I reverse that: How do you know there is one?

lock wrote:

If there would be one, the would have told us and asked us to send it in for repair.
I sent an email to Nikon this week about the dust issue, and in my case, the coating issue. I know they read it cause this is the regular communication channel with customers. Not a word about a fix came back. That is why I know.

Why are you so confident that they would they have told us? That just doesn't seem to be Nikon's way of operating.

In the past Nikon have quite often made changes to camera bodies to address some issue or other - without telling anybody there was a change or acknowledging there was an issue in the first place. If the oil/dust issue can be fixed with a small design or part change or by better production control Nikon will probably do this without telling anyone.

They probably feel they would open themselves up to a flood of returns if they acknowledged things like this.

Now whether or not they have actually changed something to address the D600 dust/oil issue - who knows?

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