Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

Stacey_K wrote:

I'll be happy if they do make one. If it even performs as well as the OM-D, I'll likely buy one unless it's price is far north of $1500. For that kind of money I'll spend a few extra bucks and get a FF body. Given what an E-7 retails for, the price of this new modern sensor E camera is likely to be pushing the price of a D600.

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I don't mind paying the same price as a D600 body, because I don't just pay for the sensor, but I also expect a pro-body and the finesses that the D600 lacks.


-Build quality, I don't like the d600 at all.

-Built in IS

-4/3 lenses

-The dust buster. You should have seen the line to the Nikon cleaning booth at a resent convention here in Sweden

All in all, a pro-body. The Nikon D600 is not a pro-body, but it has an amazing sensor.

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