So what is the truth, Fuji?

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Re: So what is the truth, Fuji?

photoshutter wrote:

1)Peaking No needed. It's already very good with manual focus.

"It's already very good with manual focus" - Really? Wow, that is so technical and informing as to why it is an unnecessary feature. Did it take long to come up with that?

Peaking would speed up and assist MF no matter how you cut it, but it would make a great difference when shooting large apertures.

2)Minimum Shutter Speed in Auto ISO No needed. You have manual shutter speed dial.

This has been discussed to death. Shooting in M mode like that would be fine with auto ISO, except that you have no EC control as the auto ISO will continue to compensate. You also lose extended DR functionality and a useful histogram.

3)Programmable buttons and more functional scroll wheel. Why?

Do you shoot professionally, or ever shoot in a fast changing environment? One of the advantages of the X Series is the quick access to controls. I LOVE having an aperture ring and am likely to never shoot without one again. I love the shutter dial as well. Quick access is FANTASTIC, but then there is the CRAZY dance we have to do to alter focus points. Programable buttons would fix these issues and allow us to set the camera up in a manner that makes sense to the user and lets them have fine control over the functions pertinent to them without even removing their eye from the viewfinder. Programable buttons are GENIUS for all manner of work.

I'm not saying YOU have to NEED these functions, but to not understand why a great deal of others may need them is to be blind. All of those functions above have very specific and helpful purposes to pro and hobby photographers.

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