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Re: Hey! New pictures from my SX50

VisionLight wrote:

sharksanks wrote:

Have you taken any portraits? I am having a difficult time finding the right setting. Also composing the picture takes some time and the subjects just become disinterested, hehe.

Checked my SX50 files and saw that, no, I haven't recorded a single portrait with it. That's probably because when I have my SX50 with me, I also have my S100. And the mid to upper zoom range of the S100 (50mm to 100mm FF equiv.) is perfect for taking natural portraits with proper perspective.

Although there are many "rules" for taking portraits that cover lighting and pose, those come with practice with a willing and patient subject. Some people use a mannequin for this stage to test their capabilities and ideas. But probably the best advice I can give you is to engage your subjects and have fun. One of the best tools for photographic portraiture is conversation with encouragement. Unlike a professional model, your friends and family may not understand your directions, so you have to set the mood with your conversation and let them react. It may not get the exact pose you want, but they will feel like a more relaxed partner in the sitting rather than just a subject and will become more themselves. And together, you'll be creating wonderful portraits.


Hey Vision,

Thanks for the advice. It really helped me take candid, "real" pictures without the fake smiles and my family didn't mind waiting for me to get the perfect setting when I couldn't afford a higher shutter speed.

But when i was trying to capture wedding ceremonies at my home, barely 10% pictures were usable. I was not getting any good pictures using flash at the first power setting. there are many harsh shadows and the faces are too bright with the 2nd setting. So, i had to use a slower shutter speed which in turn caused many many annoying blurs. I'm a little miffed at our camera's aperture limitations.

All decked up!

I wanted to capture a light bokeh, but was unable to. Any ideas?

Indian henna design

Hand over hand

I'm unable to figure out the manual and macro focus modes. So, in auto focus mode, I have to step about 4-5 feet back and then zoom in, or else the pictures are out of focus. What am i doing wrong?

We also hired professional photographers with DSLRs. They used additional lighting. But my family found them annoying as they would interrupt the ceremony or ask people to redo certain things and hold those positions which was quite comical. Nothing natural about it.


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