Asus PA246Q Calibration bug?

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Re: Asus PA246Q Calibration bug?


I just received a new Asus PA246 and went to calibrate using the Colormunki Display by XRite...

I calibrated in User mode and it came out fine... issue is, when I disconnect my MacBook Pro and/or reboot, the monitor reverts back to factory setting

do you mean changes from "USER MODE" to "STANDARD MODE"?

and I have to go into the System Preferences menu and select the profile.

do you mean you have to reselect "USER MODE" in the monitor menu or do you mean load the calibration profile on the Computer.

Further to Newsy's comment, are you saying that

  1. If you simply disconnect the monitor and then reconnect it without shutting down or rebooting your computer then the monitor reverts to a default (factory) settings.
  2. Or are you saying that Rebooting your computer causes the monitor to revert to default (factory) settings.
  3. All the above.
  4. Or is it that the graphics card in your PC is reverting to default settings.

Unfortunately I cannot help with calibration software as I use a Spyder3.

But suggest you ensure, before you do a full calibration you set the Monitor to "USER" and reset the User setting to default.

If your Colormunki is at all like the Spyder it will check your ambient light and then help you set the brightness setting and the colour temperature settings on your monitor. It also should suggest the preferred Gamma setting.

Once the Colormunki has done its thing it will write a profile for the graphics/video card to use. There is no need for the settings to be saved to the Monitor. The only settings that need to be set on the monitor (AFAIK) are the colour temp, gamma (2.2 for Win) and brightness with all other settings (colour mainly) set to default

When you boot your computer the video card (with profile) will set the display colours.

If the Monitor switches from "USER MODE" to one of its other inbuilt modes (such as STANDARD etc) without any intervention from you then there is something wrong with the monitor. I would suspect that this is not the case. That would be like your TV adjusting the volume when you turn it of and on.

However if it stays on "USER MODE" and has not changed the Brightness, Colour Temp and Gamma settings as show when you access through the menu, then the problem clearly lays with the computer not loading the correct profile when it boots, or the Colormunki sofware not saving the profile correctly after the calibration.

Is there a way to load it into the monitor user settings permanently?

You can set the monitor by manual adjustment within the menu but you cannot load in profiles (AFIAK).

There is no need to in any case, as you are relying on your video card to do the heavy lifting for calibrated display.

Also the first few times I loaded the profile it booted with a green color cast which I believe I read was a bug issue

Is this a reported bug with the Monitor or a video card/computer bug?

When you say loaded the profile infers to me software/video card/computer issue, not monitor.

The Computer should be "loading" the profile on boot up. Why then do you have to load it. Cannot you set it as the default profile for your video card to use.

Thank you

Ryder - All my comments are based on a Win machine but I would think that a Mac in this area would not be a whole lot different.

Hope it works out for you as I would find your issue very frustrating.

Good luck


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