Can anyone tell me where I was when I took this picture???

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Re: Can anyone tell me where I was when I took this picture???

4x5 Guy wrote:

ragmanjin wrote:

Mike, don't give too much weight to 4x5 guy's comment. Judging from most of his posts, he seems to be nothing more than a crotchety old tvvat. Your photo is very striking and artistic, maybe the troll just doesn't understand photographing "emotion" rather than photographing stuff and places. Not to mention he's got only one photo in his gallery, and it's a low-res screen-grab of the DVD cover from Barnyard. Really exemplifies his expertise.

It's a bad photograph. It has nothing to do with being artistic. You'd photograph a black wall and call it artistic. It's simply not a good photograph and you do more harm than good by complimenting it instead of giving a good critique. Your problem is that you can't give a good critique when you don't understand fine art photography. Good luck and have a nice day.

If it was a really phenomenal black wall, who knows. Bit of side-lighting across the stucco with a high-ASA T-grain and you've got a texture piece at least. Sell it as stock to a designer who needs a black wall in his ad, or maybe use the print as the starting point for a multi-medium project. My choice, my style, and we'll all have our own opinions about the end result.

Your problem is that you don't understand a critique is an opinion, it should be constructive and above all it should be OFFERED, balanced with compliments reinforcing the parts you like ("like" because again, it's all opinion) and given in an amicable way. A critique should not be shat dryly into the comment section of a photo somebody's obviously proud of, and it shouldn't be maliciously aimed to tear down the pride and self-esteem of the receiver, as yours so obviously was. Read it again:

Sorry, but you lose on two counts. It is NOT Capitol Reef. Did you read the responses above?

Also, the snap is not very good. Way too dark on the right side and not enough illumination in the foreground. Also the entire balance of the snap is wrong.

Complimenting someone's artistic direction doesn't harm anyone. Degrading their "bad" work (again, your own opinion) in a public forum does. Think real hard about this, Guy. Decent people offer critiques because they want to help or lend an outside perspective — another perceptual avenue for the receiver's work. Ask yourself honestly whether you want to help, or if you just sh¡t your critiques on people because you think you're better than they are. If you don't agree with their artistic or photographic style and they haven't asked for your OPINION, move on.

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