Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: This is key.

mpeman wrote:

This thread has gone so many different directions I am not really sure myself anymore!

Heh!  I can go along with that!

My only point has been that sometimes it seems that whole discussion of needs and wants and "could have beens" sometime really do out weigh the art form that we all supposedly and rather doggedly pursue...photography.

For a fact.  This is pretty much always the case in a technical forum, though.

It sure seems like sometimes this forums becomes nothing but fodder for the complainers (on both sides of the aisle) and prognosticators, leaving all else to suffer...especially decent conversation.

Sure.  But, again, that's to be expected in a technical forum.

That was really all I was trying to say. No offense meant to any. Just an observation.

Apologies all the way around, then -- I misunderstood as well.

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