New E-5, Noise

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New E-5, Noise

I'm a rank amateur; started with an Olympus Evolt, upgraded the kit lenses to the 12-60 2.8 SWD and the 50-200 2.8 SWD.  Finally took the plunge and got an E-5 about a month ago to preserve my investment in lenses, primarily looking to be able to get high-quality larger prints with the higher res.

After a few sessions with what I presume is the best Olympus has to offer, I'm finding most of my shots seem to have a lot more noise than I would expect, regardless of lighting conditions, even at very low ISO.

I'm not sure if there are some basic settings I'm missing, or if my expectations are too high zooming in to the pixels at the higher resolution, or if perhaps there is some defect in my setup.

Here's the original and a blowup of the face to show the noise I see zooming into the RAW files:

Olympus 12-60 SWF
focal 12mm
ISO 400
No Flash

Original image above, captured raw

Blow-up of face in original image

This is a shot with the friendliest settings at low ISO, but I get similar or worse noise with both lenses regardless of settings or lighting conditions.  It's a gym and the ambient lighting is bad, but just about everything I shoot looks like this when I zoom in.

Is there something I'm missing or is this typical noise I would expect from this setup?

Obviously, I can clean this up and get relatively nice pics, but I guess I was expecting a lot more based on what I've read about this body and these lenses.

Appreciate any insights.

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