REALLY wanna jump into Sigma, but what about a decent RAW workflow?

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Re: I agree

Chato wrote:

I started off saving images as 16 bit TIF, and then did some comparisons. If you properly adjust the image in SPP, there is simply no reason to use 16 bit. For the life of me, I couldn't find any advantage.

If you don't need to do any further editing, there is no advantage to using 16-bit TIFF files unless the printer you are using does 16-bit prints.  Not sure if many commercial printers do.  Most printers still take 8-bit files.  So if you are just editing in SPP outputting to any 8-bit file should be fine for pretty much any use.

It's only if you plan to make significant changes after saving the TIFF that there's a benefit.  Both Aperture and Lightroom treat images as 16-bit internally, so it's nice to give those applications an incoming file that captures the full range of values.

The only danger of doing much editing on 8-bit files is that with large tonal changes you can potentially introduce banding, where the original values did not have much separation.  That's something the 16-bit files preserve and 8-bit files truncate.

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