Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Great Bustard wrote:

GBC wrote:

I personally don't think the E-5 replacement will happen, but instead a new camera line will emerge that is mirrorless, i don't see it viable for them to continually be evasive about it's Dslr range every year. It's like Nikon saying there might be a D400.....and then we don't know what form it will be....if it's made, they just have said nothing

I think there were "evasive" because they had different streams of development, and they didn't know what would succeed technology wise.
I am sure they tried their hardest to implement 43rds lenses on micro bodies with good AF, but kept an E7 development stream to be a fail-safe.
Who knows until the specs get leaked 2 weeks before release.

...simply putting the EM5 sensor and IBIS into an E5 body and calling it an E7 would have done wonders, yet so many make it out as an impossibly difficult and expensive task.

Very true. But I would also want much better continuous AF.


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