Canon "M" lag and focus disappointment

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... not true

peevee1 wrote:

That is what happens when you put your trust in brand names instead of reading reviews. Everybody everywhere was saying that the EOS M is total junk and probably the worst mirrorless camera out there (save for maybe Pentax jokes) since day one.

I disagree entirely with this statement.  In fact your claim that "everyone everywhere" was saying that the "EOS-M is total junk and the worst mirror-less camera out there" is patently false.

The reviewers were wrong about the EOS-M.

  • * Most Reviewers (though not all) said it was VERY accurate with the AF and yet the OP of this thread found it wasn't.
  • *  The reviewers claimed you couldn't get more than 250 shots out of the battery... I just took 1250 shots on a single battery last week without hitting the low-battery warning.
  • Unlike other compact, mirrorless cameras, the OES-M has an APS-C sized sensor.  That in itself is something of a big deal.

But "Total junk"?  I think you should speak to other EOS-M owners as we seem to get along with this camera just fine. If we listened to reviews, then people wouldn't have bought other excellent Canon cameras like the 60D or the Pro1 or the G1X.  Those are all very important cameras that perform extremely well and produce pictures of a very high standard.

The problem, peevee1, is that there are too many bad reviewers out there who are looking for shock results to help push their website hit-rate up to increase their advertising revenue.  These people shouldn't be allowed near a camera, let alone be reviewing them for public scrutiny.  They'll talk up a camera that deserves a poor review (so as not to bite the hand that feeds them) and they'll speak poorly of a camera because they don't understand it or because it doesn't meet their own outlandish expectations.

I read the reviews for any camera that catches my eye, but I also read the promotional material and camera specifications to see what the camera is capable of and what the weak points are.  Do you REALLY think Canon would release a product as abysmal as you claim it is?  No.  They wouldn't. So why the hate for the EOS-M?

The EOS-M is indeed slower than a DSLR but it's also a FRACTION of the size of a DSLR.  So in this case, the trade off is obvious.  You can still capture DSLR shots with a DSLR lens on this camera but there's a sacrifice to be made as part of this trade off.  Part of the sacrifice is ergonomics because the EOS-M is quite small... so you often need to hold it differently to the way you would hold a DSLR.  The other part of the trade off is Speed.  The EOS-M will not be as fast to lock focus as a DSLR.  But it's fast enough to capture shots like most Compact Cameras can do.  Some compacts are faster than others.  Unfortunately, each lens attached to the EOS-M has a different performance speed.  This makes it hard to tell how the camera will perform in terms of speed.  And so the debate will continue.

The 60D (a Canon DSLR) is very slow when using the LCD to take pictures in Live Preview Mode.  But the EOS-M is faster than the 60D is when when the 60D is used in Live Preview Mode.

The people who will be most disappointied with the EOS-M are likely to be those stepping down from a DSLR because they will expect the same speed and performance.  The EOS-M is more of a hybrid camera than either a compact or a DSLR.

The people who will be most pleasantly surprised with the EOS-M will be those stepping up from the world of Compact Digital Cameras.  There's plenty of DSLR owners who have been happy with their EOS-M.  Put more simply:  the EOS-M can produce images that compact camera cannot.  So why all the hate?

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