Will the Metabones speed booster for M43 be a NEX cast-off?

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Re: Will the Metabones speed booster for M43 be a NEX cast-off?

AV Janus wrote:

Brian, thank you very much for providing us with direct answers here in the m43 forum

I hope you will once again chime in once you guys release the m43 version. There will be lots of misinformation and wrong math circling around.

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Rick Halle wrote:
" Keep in mind that tall buildings sway back and forth so they require faster shutter speeds."

You're welcome!  I'm a big fan of M43, and am personally looking forward to using this version of the Speed Booster.

I'm sure there will be plenty of confusion regarding the M43 version.  Below are some items that will probably be the most confusing:

1) The M43 version will have the same 0.71x magnification as the NEX version, so it will increase lens speed by one full stop.  It will *not* have a 0.5x magnification because there isn't enough room in the camera to design the necessary optics.

3)  We are currently assuming that no Canon EF-S lenses will work.  This may sound odd, since the flange distance for EF-S is the same as EF.  However, the optics of EF-S lenses are allowed to protrude much further into the mount opening than EF lenses, and can therefore crash into the Speed Booster optics.  Standard EF lenses will work, of course.

4) Nikon DX format lenses will work (as will third party DX lenses such as Sigma).  However, depending on the lens there may be a vignetting problem.  There are two issues at work here:  First, DX and M43 have a different aspect ratio, so if the lens has a close-fitting hood it may be possible to see a shadow of the hood on the top and bottom of the reduced image.  Second, the ideal magnification for reducing DX lenses to M43 format is 0.75x, not 0.71x.  The good news here is that when you attach the 0.71x Speed Booster to a DX lens and mount it to M43 the field of view will actually be a little wider than when the lens is used directly on a DX camera.  The bad news is that certain ultra-wide lenses may show some vignetting, depending on their coverage and the exact shape of any built-in lens hood.

5)  The M43 version is designed specifically for the smaller format, and is not the same as the version used on NEX and Fuji-X.  As a result, the corners will be sharper than if the M43 version simply used the NEX Speed Booster optics.  In addition, the corners will also be sharper simply because only the sweet spot of the lens is used.  Finally, the M43 version will be less prone to vignetting with long exit pupil distance lenses.  These three factors together should mean really nice performance for most attached lens combinations.

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