So what is the truth, Fuji?

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Re: So what is the truth, Fuji?

TThorne wrote:

JimLong wrote:

I don't know how Fuji would respond to an email on this subject, but I can give you my experience on emailing them on another subject.

I am not happy with the way bracketing works on the XE1. I have posted my concerns about this on this forum and have gotten no response to it so I assume no one else shares my concern. I emailed Fuji about this and I got a response that suggested I call their technical support number which I did. The person I spoke to was very polite. He said that one of my concerns was technically impossible to fix (which I didn't believe) and on the others he didn't know why it worked the way it did. I asked if it was possible that a firmware change would be coming out that addressed any of the issues. He said that he didn't know but suggested I send and email directly to Fuji in Japan and pointed out on their website where I should direct my inquiry. I did that and got back as message from Japan that said I should contact the technical support people in the US (which, of course, was what I had already done). I sent another email to the US support group pointing out that I wasn't really getting a response and I never heard back from them.

Thank you for sharing that. Exactly what I don't want to go through. I would lose my temper. As you can tell, patience is not my strong suit. I have a good number of things I do very well, but just not that one thing.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

I'm just beginning reading this thread. I'm fully behind your concerns and efforts to express them publicly for I have been told by Fuji USA that these forums are being paid attention to. To what degree and impact, who here knows? I also did what Jim did and essentially got the same format of response but I do feel my email to Japan, Fuji Corp. was acknowledged and since they see I was from the US that they automatically request contacting Fuji USA. I know it seems like they just ignore it but if enough go ahead with this given format that possibly it will have some impact as well.

I believe what I was told by the reps from USA Fuji that direct contact form customers would have much greater impact. It doesn't take that much more effort than venting here. Maintain your cool though if you care to be listened to. I get the feeling that the USA part of the company doesn't have much influence.

I just came off the slopes of Mt. St. Helens snow shoeing and took just my D700 with 24-70 no tripod and at my age that effort has caused me to become more anxious about getting a lighter system sooner than a D800. Months ago I had pre-ordered the X-E1 with zoom but with all these unresolved issues that do concern my workflow, I had declined the shop's call informing it was available. I will again voice my reasons to Fuji for not investing yet in their system for it really doesn't take anymore time then writing here with my frustration.

Hopefully they will listen. I can wait it out or select another brand.

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