Sony translucent mirror technology or Sony mirrorless?

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Re: Sony translucent mirror technology or Sony mirrorless?

dlkeller wrote:

I really can't imagine finding the weight of an A55/57 leaving one very tired at the end of a day as they are very compact and light cameras. The difference in shooting with an SLT with a large zoom lens compared to the NEX with a pancake might, but for me it would be because I wouldn't be finding much use for the NEX combination and it would be in my pocket most of the time.

I have an NEX 5N and I can carry the camera with my main lens around all day. I bought a Canon FD 50/1.4 and it made me tired after a period of time. A few ounces less and I am fine, so I have a fine line I've figured out. If your shooting hundreds of shots then a little bit of extra weight can make a difference if our walking around with the camera in hand the whole time. I just assumed people with larger DSLR/SLT used a neck strap like I used to do with my D70. That is really crummy when it's hot out, though.

The A57 is 2.6 pounds. It then needs a lens so the weight goes up significantly.

My NEX 5N is 1.4 pounds (nearly 1/2 the weight of the A57).

I can use my high quality and weighty Zeiss 24/1.8 lens and the whole package goes from 1.4 pounds to about 1.9 pounds (camera and decent sized lens is significantly less than the A57).

I can use my 5N and add an 18-200 lens and the whole package is 2.4 pounds . . . still slightly less than the A57 and I have a big zoom on my 5N. I don't want slow lenses so I wouldn't go this route, but the option is there. The regular kit lens for the NEX series (18-55) is just barely more than .4 pounds.

And the LA-EA2 adapter gives the NEX series the AF speeds of the A mount cameras, but it's important to realize that the LA-EA2 does not provide image stabilization.

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