Size: GRD IV + GV-2 vs X-E1

Started Jan 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Many thanks!

Many thanks guys!

Thanks for all the size comparisons. That was really the only thing I was worried about. Just disappointed that there is only 1 (!) Ricoh camera at

I've decided that there will be a place for the GRDIV in my bag. Size (even with the VF) + snap focus is just hard to beat.  Not to mention, I've found that I could actually get a brand new GRDIV for just under USD$400 here in Manila.

As much as I wanted to move to a one camera set-up (I used to have a Pentax system along side an m43 system) I think an XE1 kit + GRD IV will be perfect.

Though, given the lack of distance markings on Fuji X lenses, I've recently been enamored with the thought of using M lenses for street shooting using mirrorless bodies, and based on my research so far, the GXR A12 M seems to be the most elegant solution, despite the relatively older sensor vs a Fuji X body or NEX 6 ; so I might just end up getting rid of the XE1 in favor of a GXR.  Unfortunately, that, is proving to be hard to find locally.


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