X-E1 + 18mm and Zone Focusing

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Re: X-E1 + 18mm and Zone Focusing

It's not as ideal as a lens with real distance markings on the lens, but it can work.

I don't actually have the 18 yet, I am still deciding on whether to get it vs getting an M lens, e.g. CV 21mm Color Skopar for street shooting, but I've tried using the 35mm and it is fairly useable if you want to retain the benefits of AF as well.

You just need to be quick in pressing the "view mode" button - one click to go to 'LCD only view mode' to check the DOF scale, then 2 clicks to go back to 'EVF only view mode' to frame and shoot. I found that using the eye-sensor to switch from LCD to EVF just isn't fast enough on the street, but that's just me.

And yes, you'll need to watch out for the AF-L button. I personally think it is poorly placed. I preferred where Fuji had it on the X100. I think Fuji should allow an option to completely disable this button, since I think there are times where 'one-touch' AF is actually not desirable.

Since it seems unlikely that the new 23mm will have distance markings like the 14mm, I think if you're looking for traditional 28-35mm-equivalent FOV for street shooting, the only choices here are to live with the 18mm, or as Ray said, use an adapted lens with real DOF scales.

I've been seriously thinking about getting the new Voigtlander 21mm f/1.8 (though it seems relatively big), instead of the CV 21 f/4 for street shooting on the XE1, but I might just wait and see what the XP2/XE2 have to offer in terms of focus peaking options.

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