Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video

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Re: Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video / Great video.

Lawrence Becker wrote:

MPA1 wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

Just to be clear, the halo we are talking about is the text pictured at the bottom of the GH3 photo? Like when a car drives over freshly painted lines on a road and there is the "runoff" marks. If this is the halo then yes I have it. But I dont have the halos like in your other video. But I wear glasses and have astigmatism so either way, I can't see the EVF perfectly. I noticed the same text smearing in other cameras like the NEX-7 too. Eye placement is critical in the GH3 and is not forgiving if one move their eye off center.

Few cameras are perfect for all eyes though.

I never compose with the rear screens (and if it were not for their use as menus, would cheerfully toss them in the bin) and so eye finders are essential items for me and I will not buy a camera without one.

My Nikon D3s's have big, bright finders yet due to wearing glasses and the Eye Point not being high enough these days, I cannot see all the frame edges UNLESS I move my head around a bit so I can see one edge at a time. How I miss the old F3HP High Eyepoint film models!

I will get my GH3 this week and hope it is reasonably useable as far as the finder goes, as I would hate to have to send it back!

If you're comparing the GH3's eye finder to a great DSLR's optical finder, you WILL be disappointed. Coming from a Canon 5DII and IDIII, I have to say it isn't all that great. However, I have been won over by the rear screen of the GH3, and am happy to have the finder for use in bright sunlight - which is basically the only time I would use it. Otherwise, the screen is really good. Getting to know and use the touch screen to pick focus points and/or fire the camera is kind of fun.

Then there's the WiFi connection - doing it all from an iPad 4 or iPhone 4S is a pretty amazing thing as well.

In my late 50's, the rear screen seems a really great idea and is very helpful for older eyes, but the finder with diopter adjustment is ok in bright sunlight.

Remember, this is all live view now. It's ok to compose on the screen.

Sure - but it does not help in confined spaces, capturing fast moving subjects and so on. It's also far harder to avoid camera shake without the third point of contact.

Live view screens are utterly without point to me - unless I can hold them up to my eye. And that's ignoring just how stupid a person holding a camera at arm's length looks...!!

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