Mysterious red streak in astro frame?

Started Feb 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Mysterious red streak in astro frame?

I tried to duplicate this tonight and could not.  I was going to try another VR lens if so, but I could not.   However, this was in town, and the sky light level was easily four stops brighter, so I don't know if that covered it up?  I hoped there would be others here with VR astro experience in dark skies.

If you can say where you heard about VR generating internal light, I'd love to know the link.  VR senses motion, and I cannot imagine why VR would be involved witih IR, but the problem does seem internal.

I have to rule out the viewfinder.  One, it was an empty club dark site, pitch black, and there was no external light, period.  Two, even if there had been some light, the image was exactly the same no matter which way the camera was aimed, east, west, whatever. That would not be real.

I did experiment with shining my red flashlight directly into the viewfinder from about one inch for a 20 second exposure, and I can make the entire frame pink, but that is something entirely different than a pitch black site.  There simply was no external light in the original problem.

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