New 150mm lens and thoughts.....

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Re: New 150mm lens and thoughts.....

Sandeep Singh Brar wrote:

A 150mm f2.8 is pretty boring. Now if it was a 150mm f2 or f1.8 then you could justify its size and price of $1,000+. I'll stick with my speedy and spectacular Canon FD 135mm f2 for now.

Total agreement.  The 135L is great on FF and crop, and a stop faster.  IS would be nice, but the focal length is already pushing it for indoors portrait use (and the 150/2.8OIS will be even longer).  To accept this Panasonic offering as a "300/2.8" is to be in denial... Panasonic will defer to an apples-to-oranges comparison in hopes that 4-figure pricing goes down easier.  That said I have found (limited) use for my slowish 300/4 in landscape/sports, and even dropping it to the equivalent f5.6 would not be a deal breaker for these purposes - so long as the wide open IQ is there.  Of course I only paid $500 for my 300/4L used, and can't imagine shooting sports on my m43 cameras, meaning I am probably not Panasonic's target customer

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