EOS 6D - The "Rebel/XTi" of full frame?

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Re: EOS 6D - The "Rebel/XTi" of full frame?

x-vision wrote:

rrccad wrote:

.. it doesn't use rebel ergos at all

Well, you have to admit that in terms of features and ergonomics, the 6D is much closer to the Rebels/60D than to the 7D/5DIII/1DX.

rebel, XXd, 7/5D and 1D all have their specific ergos. TBH, i disliked canon changing the XXD series ergos .. hopefully that experiment ends with the 70D but highly unlikely now that the 6D shares the same ergos.

all you have to do is compare the tops of all the cameras and it's pretty apparent where they fit in. but it's closer to the 5/7D than it is rebel from the ergonomic standpoint.

it used to be rebel -> XXD (which included the 7 and 5D's), 1 series

now it's

rebel -> XXD/6D -> 7/5D -> 1 series

in a way as much as i hate the switching because personally I would rather have XXD/6D to share the same ergo base .. it's close but not quite (no joystick, single use right hand top buttons,etc) .. but from a step up from rebel it's a good bridge gap.

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