M43 has it right and Sony messed up.

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Re: M43 has it right and Sony messed up.

kermitG9 wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

My favorite m43 camera feature is the touchscreen that lets you select a focal point on the screen and take a picture at the same time. This is great for portraits and so many other things. I also love how you can quickly change the focal point size on the screen.

It was just confirmed the new NEX 6 has no touch screen. It does have proprietary apps you can run on the camera...again without a touchscreen. huh???

The usefulness of touchscreen is open for debate.. That's hardly going to influence any sales. You're mentioning how great it is to setup a focus point using a touchscreen: For me that's a gimmick .. It's far more convenient (and quicker) to focus with a center point and recompose..

Sony does a lot of superb things and then screws them up with things like, memory sticks, NEX menus, no IBIS and a screen for running apps like a phone from the 1990s. Apple must be laughing their butts off over this one.

Apple couldn't care less about this .. They're not in the same business and they got other things to worry about..

Olympus seems to be a camera company while Sony is a great electronics company.

Lets go back to the facts:

Olympus is not a camera company as it is essentially involved in the medical domain. The imaging department is relateively small .. and it's a dying department that is posting year by year big losses.. Sony is keeping its head out of the water, diversifying its product ranges and securing market shares..

I used to do the same (centre - recompose), but then I started shooting handheld macros and the recomposing often moved the focus. With the touchscreen the tap to focus/shoot works really well. Not a gimmick, more an enabler.

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