Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

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Re: Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

PetriMC wrote:

MAC wrote:

AV gets one in trouble though in low light since not enough ss.

Well not really, not if you understand how to use it. AV (like TV) simply automates the linkage between shutter speed and aperture - I shoot in AV all the time but that doesn't mean I don't know what my shutter speed or that it's ever "not enough". I watch the shutter speed in the viewfinder, or on the screen, and if it's too slow (or too fast) for what I'm doing I adjust it.

In AV mode the control dial on my 500D may nominally be controlling the aperture, but of course it's controlling my shutter by extension too, the priority of one over the other actually comes from me and which balance of the two settings I'm aiming for. I'm not denying the importance of manual (and certainly the importance of understanding how to shoot in manual) but in general use AV gives you just as much control and a little more speed, so nobody should be scared off using it.

I like AV too as long as enough ss

To the OP - I'm still aiming to make the most of the 500D too - the point about newer cameras managing an extra stop of sensitivity is fair but having come (very recently) from a film background where I'd rarely if ever have faster than a roll of 400 in the camera, it still astounds me that I can get perfectly usable images at 3200 - anything more seems just greedy..

in a pro shoot - suggest 1600 and below

for fun, 3200

on my t4i

in pro shoot 3200

for fun


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