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I just started printing too

I'm just an amateur enthusiast and never did any printing of my photos. Then last fall B&H had a fantastic camera deal that included a Canon 9000 printer so I bought it. I originally planned to sell off the printer on Ebay (since I didn't do any printing) but there were so many being sold there as a result of this B&H deal that they were only fetching $150 or so. Way too cheap for a photo printer that does excellent 13x19 prints. So I figured, I might as well keep it and give it a try...

I was knocked out by how much better a good photo looks printed than on a screen. I don't print many of my photos but I do print some at 4x6 (for giving away) and some at 13x19 which I put in a portfolio. Printing is the real proof. Some photos look incredible when printed large, others, well you'll see the flaws more when printed large. But the good ones far more than outweigh the not so good.

Photos will never look as good on a screen as they do from a good printer.

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