Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

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Re: Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

My laptop (Lenovo Y480) is less than ideal for photo editing -- due to the display.

However, I'm very pleased with the performance and I think there are some lessons to be learned there. It came with a 1TB 5400rpm HDD which gave me lots of capacity but has less than stellar performance. But the laptop included a mSATA slot to which I added a 256GB SSD. After clean installing Windows (and Linux) on that SSD the, this i7 with 8GB really flies. And I still have 1TB for storage!

This gave me tons of processing power and storage for around $1K all up. The display is kinda naff but that was not too much of a priority for me.

HDD spinner for data and a (physically tiny) mSATA SSD should meet all of your storage needs.

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