Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

I've owned the RX100, and it's an excellent camera.  Great IQ, with excellent DR (probably the best DR of any compact ever, and also superior to the Nikon 1 cameras for DR).  Noise up to ISO 1600, possibly 3200, is not a problem at all.  Shot in RAW, and processed in LR, images from the RX100 as good as you'll get from a compact camera.  Video quality is also as good as it gets for such a camera.

The things I didn't like were mostly related to ergonomics and handling. For example, I always compare the RX100 to the Fuji X10 (one of my other favorite compacts) and I realize this is not fair as the X10 is significantly larger than the RX100, but I prefer the grip and the VF of the X10.

  • No VF - I don't enjoy shooting with any camera where I have to compose on the LCD.  And I don't like the P&S style stance with arms extended forward.  It's not stable, and it's too difficult to really examine the scene i.e., edges of the frame, bright light, etc. 
  • The macro performance was not what I expected, as the RX100 didn't focus very close at all (the X10 has a Super Macro mode down to 1 cm).  
  • Build quality was good, but it felt a bit fragile for the price it sells for, and especially in contrast to the all metal body of the X10/X20 (I've pre-ordered the X20, but I like all of the Fuji X series camerasl).  
  • AF performance was fine, not blazing like my Nikon V1, but good for a P&S
  • Lens was soft up close at f1.8

Anyway, these are all fairly minor points in comparison to the drubbing the OP gave the RX100.  Noise at base ISO was never an issue.  Files are not as clean at base ISO as the 1/1.7" CCD sensor of the Ricoh GRD (ISO 64) but noise at base ISO in the RX100 is virtually non-existent, and it takes extreme pixel peeping at 100% to see any at all.

I suspect there is something else going on in this post, i.e., buyers remorse related some other issue, as there is no way anyone can look at a properly shot image from the RX100 (or Canon S110 for that matter) and find fault in it.

As for which camera you should get, I have no recommendations as if you don't like the RX100 or S110, I'm reluctant to suggest some of the cameras I'm interested in (X20, MX-1, G15, etc).

Cheers, Markus

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