New APS-C body... where is it? what's going on?!

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Re: New APS-C body... where is it? what's going on?!

My opinion is that probably the answer lies on something called "the business being at a crossroads situation", which sometimes in business it may lead to a more paced decision making process. In electronics and computer business the pace of innovation is such that business decisions need to be made on the fly.  Who knows what's going on behind doors, but all will know is the company keeps things so quiet.

The release of the Canon 6D and Nikon D600 is a blowout for all the other brands, including Sigma, Sony, Pentax... The future of serious DSLR photography (serious amateurs, serious enthusiasts who can spend between 3 thousand $ and above) lies in the development and adoption of FF. It is amazing to know people can buy a FF today for a few hundred dollars more than what we used to pay for an APS-C two years ago and that's the reson people are moving into tht direction.

Then I agree with the previous posters that Pentax could be in n interesting situation (somebody called it "embarrassing") knowing they are now really behind the curve and lagging behind the market leaders and confined more and more as a niche player, and not being able to deliver a product to their "natural" market (NM). By NM I mean, all the pentaxians who shoot with APS-C sensors. But the big problem for Pentax is the Pentaxians who have invested heavily in "D" lenses. If Pentax designs a FF all those who had spent thousands of $ in "D" lenses will be alienated. If Pentax doesn't develop the FF, then it will alienate more the people who needs/wants a FF and who are deserting to Canon/Nikon and Sony FF.

Then, the answer is that probably no that much is going on when at a crossroad situations...

Canon is different. They announced in March last year that they were going to bring an entry level FF to Fotokina. They were not scared to spill the beans about it. The were very clear and they told their natural market (all the Canon APS-c shooters and those from other brands) what was coming, so people could plan accordingly. Sometimes being proactive and anticipating to the needs of the users is the best marketing strategy. It means the company cares for their customers and it's telling them they are addressing or will address their needs.

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