Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video

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Re: Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video / Great video.

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Recently, I have been trying to find a solution for powering the GH3. As most of you know I shoot my son’s climbing events. However, I recently took on a role where I have to actually record the entire event(About 8 hours).

I used 3 separate batteries with the GH2 to accomplish this. However, the GH3 batteries last much longer so I could get away with only using 2. I bought a second battery for about $90 from BandH but I really did not want to buy another $90 battery.

I tried to buy one from mellowdigital but they are a scam site so I just got my money back and ran.

Don’t ever buy from this place.

Then I came to the conclusion that 2 batteries would work for me if I had a way to charge them both simultaneously. I looked on amazon and found a GH3 charger for $6. Now I fully expect this to be a scam as well. However, if it isn’t and it is a legit charger then that will be perfect.

The issue with only one charger is that the battery takes 4 hours to charge. I don’t get home until about 10:00 PM from these events and I have to have the batteries charged and ready to go the next morning at 6:00 AM. I could never get up in the middle of the night to swap the batteries out on the charger. With two chargers I won’t need to do that.

If the new charger doesn’t work out then I will just buy another battery on Amazon.

There are large batteries available (one imported here in NZ is called a Power Camel) which charge the smaller ones anywhere - can be handy when mains power is unavailable.

If you put the grip on the GH3 you can load two batteries at once, of course.

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