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Einstein 640 + CyberSync questions

As I'm starting to look at options for a new studio, I'm finding some great info in this thread about the Einstein and related PCB accessories. To be sure I understand how it all works, I've a few questions:

The CyberSync trigger vs. the Cyber Commander: To start, if you have more than one Einstein E640, do I understand correctly that one could benefit from using both of these?  The CyberSync Trigger on camera to fire the E640s and the Cyber Commander off camera to view and adjust the E640s paramaters?

Can the CyberSync Receiver Plus be used to control our existing Alien Bee 800s & 1600?

If using the Cyber Commander, do I understand correctly that although our older Bees woud work with the CyberSync Receiver, the Einstein E640s would display more information?

Willing to spend the $$$ for an optimum system but at the same time want to make sure whether just adding elements to what we have now would be a good option.

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