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Re: The tide will change

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Good points aus4ever, I have repeated that so many times, the number of hours they use their cars per week compared to the number of hours they use their guns, if they were equal there would be no one left in the US. Those brain dead zombies will never get that because they are f*cked in the head so much, you are wasting your time trying to drill some minimum sense out of a zombie brain, only a civil war would resolve their mass shooting problem.

Are you kidding? The side that lost will blame the defeat on not having enough guns, and the arms race will start all over again.

This will not be resolved until the last American dies, after taking a gut shot from the second last American.

The tide will change when there are enough Americans waking up to the lies, but it is not going to happen until many more have fallen victims to gun violence. Like the war on tobacco, it is going to be a very long journey.

Logic says they will be killed by autos (automobiles to you)

If Bloomberg's forecast is correct, there will be more killed by firearms in the near future. See also the number of new firearms added to the US circulation every year.

If the problem persists then you are right because the population is increasing. Mostly immigrants and gang members.
The narcotics trade is going to add to this as it is unchecked.

Can't see how the problem will go away if nothing is done.  What do you mean by mostly immigrants and gang members?  If you mean immigrants are responsible for gun crimes, you better provide evidence because it is not the case in the US.  Legal immigrants are not the problem in general.

The more guns in circulation, the bigger the chances. The important point is, the risk of being killed in a traffic accident is common to all, but the risk of being killed by firearms is much higher in the US, and that is the extra risk that Americans are subject to.

You are ignoring the fact that people who legally own firearms are adding more to their collection. That does not put more guns " in circulation"

Contrary to what you say, some people here argued that gun ownership is on the increase.  Either way your assumption is wrong because existing US gun owners can't buy all the guns.  Click to expand the spreadsheet below.

Despite your twisted point of view. You stand more of a chance of being killed by a car than being shot with a gun in your country or mine or USA or UK.

That's what I said earlier, "... in the case of any other civilised country with prudent gun control, gun fatalities will never exceed traffic fatalities."  But that's not the case for the US.

So which part of my point of view is twisted?

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