For the same price: Nikon V1 or Samsung NX1000?

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Re: For the same price: Nikon V1 or Samsung NX1000?

Why not get both?

Only half joking, as I think the two systems compliment each other quite well - I"m patiently waiting for the new Nikon 1 10-100 lens to actually be available in the shops, then I'm going to look to pick up that and whichever nikon 1 body happens to be cheapest as a companion to my Samsung NX20.

As I see it, the NX system has the advantages of a much larger sensor, better low light performance, and excellent prime lenses. The nikon 1 has superfast AF and smaller zooms. Samsung with 30mm and nikon 1 with 10-100 should enable photographing pretty much everything I encounter normally, without changing lenses, and still weigh less than 1kg.

I reckon that in both of the two options, the lenses are better than the bodies - whichever one you choose you may find yourself wanting to upgrade the body later - so pick based on the lenses. Would you rather have excellent standard zoom and superb 45mm equivalent pancake (samsung) or coverage of 30-300mm equivalent in two pocket sized zooms (nikon)?

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