Did you see the interview with the Canon Exec.?

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Re: This made my plans easier.... i am probably switching to...or not

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Probably they in Canon's devel. department have been planning - or not. And they are not telling anything

however users seeking higher IQ are drifting more to fulll frame now that the costs are becoming cheaper. this is a surprise to you?

Anyway , i'm doing some traveling this year 2013 - more than before - and i want to have a good camera with me in Rome, Amsterdam, Stockholm... Venice.

7D with 24-105, 70-300 + 10-22 is a terrific camera here in Finland - close to home. But for traveling... ; - (

but you won't get the same performance,etc out of a E1 or even NEX 7 as what you should be using a 7D body for. the two are meant for differing purposes. canon has considerably lighter APS-C bodies and lenses that you should be using if weight is such an issue.

take a 60D styled body, add a stabilized 24mm / 28mm prime 40mm 2.8, and even the not so bad 18-55 IS II / 50-250 and you have a considerably lighter kit combined with say your 10-22. that would be barely over 1.5kg's With far more choice and versatility than your E1.

your canon kit is all wrong if you are concerned about weight.

Users seeking higher IQ.... well, how many are really using in real life the advantage of FF ? And how many of us amateurs can really see it - if we are not just pixel peeping... APS C allows huge prints - like 100cm+150cm . Do i really need FF and how and when ? and am i willing to pay for it so MUCH ?

it's not that much ... partly because you are seriously over exaggrating what it would cost to replace your APS-C kit.

I have used upgraded, purchased and abused the following canon bodies:

20D,30D, 40D, 50D, 7D APS-C bodies

5D, 5D Mark II

I can honestly say.. there is a WORLD of difference between 7D and full frame canon cameras as far as IQ.

not even in the same ballpark.

my 7D is a racehorse - it does things super quick.  the 5D's are all about the "user experience" because you can think a short story while the shot goes off. the IQ is very good on the 7D .. it's just gorgeous on a 5DII.  especially on prints.

And i am not complaining the weight when i walk around the beaches / archipelago in Finland my gear in good backpack + a tripod ; - ) . And the performance - yes 7D focuses fast, 9fps and everything, just a fine camera - i am NOT going to sell my Canon gear and i was just hoping that Canon is going to make a really better and slightly lighter 7D some day .

but they are. the dpreview interview states nothing differently, and he's already on record as stating the 7D Mark II is in development. he's stating in this interview that the 70D is indeed coming. what more assurances do you want?

Looks like they are NOT going to make it.

See above.

And i like the Canon way of creating a good user interface. ; - ( But if Canon thinks that i m going to pay 4000€ (body+some new lenses) when it is time to replace my 7D... perhaps i'm doing something else with that money.

over exaggeration. you're telling me you'll get nothing back from your 7D and EF-S lenses - and you'll be purchasing an entirely new kit at MSRP prices? really? ifyou wanted to upgrade before it dies. However, by the time your 7D rolls over and dies, the 6D will be cheaper than it is now, the 24-70/4 which is lighter /smaller than your 24-105L will be cheaper, more IS primes will most likely be available by canon (and cheaper than MSRP) .. you'll have a ton of options including probably a 70D and a 7D Mark II to choose from and maybe even a digital full frame rebel (which is what i get from this interview btw).

I have also noticed that the new FF 6D is lighter than 7D and with my 24-105 it could be a great traveling /street/town camera. But it is big, heavy and people are uncomfortable with big cameras.

it's smaller, and lighter than your 7D - combine it with a 40mm STM or a 28mm IS and it's a much smaller kit than what you are using. heck, get a 60D with a flip out screen and a couple of IS primes or the 40mm STM for your street stuff.

And the image quality and usability of a camera like Fuji X-E1 is different , but the pictures are probably as good and sometimes better... (that is the thing i am doing, taking pictures. Well, performance is not even close to my fast 7D. IQ is a different thing...

I think the weight of my system is too often preventing me from doing what i want with a camera. I need TWO systems - and a camera like G1X as a backup for both.

Yes, same workflow as well. the EOS-M is also in it's birthing stage, there's been active rumors of a new model(s) coming out soon, and new lenses (and even this interview suggests that canon is coming out with at least new lenses for it - which would tell anyone that they aren't abandoning it).

The lighter system is not going to be a Canon if they do not make such gear. And when 7D stops working...after some years - ?

now see . this is weird the entire gist about this interview was smaller, lighter to be competitive with camera phones, and better IQ than camera phones - so why don't you think they'll make it? they are going to feel out the market and obviously make products such as the G1X and it's newer models, and EOS-M and it's newer models, and probably even maybe do something like the EOS-IX that was out in film days. also do creative things such as the powershot N that was just released as well.

you sir, are really reading way too many tea leaves into that article.

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