New 150mm lens and thoughts.....

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: New 150mm lens and thoughts.....

rayman 2 wrote:

Well i think this lens will be awsome but i dont think you will get one without spending less

then 1200 $......

and quite frankly not just use MFT I also use DX and Fx formats.. and for that price you will

get a 55-300mm Nikkor WITH the replacement body of the D7000 (DX) together....

The 55-300 is going to be nothing like a dedicated 2.8 long prime ...

I had the D7000 and the 300 f/4 as well as the 70-300VR ... the prime smoked the already excellent zoom. And the prime was about 1200 bucks, so that price would be just about right.

If you look at the insanely high prices that are asked for any of the mirrorless options including Nikon series one I wonder why.....!

Some of them are overpriced, no question. But the average price of bodies is actually not terrible. Older bodies are very inexpensive (recent G3 prices are stunning) just as they are in Canon and Nikon land. I've bought a number of excellent m4/3 lenses, both used and new and I have not felt ripped off once. You can get good lenses pretty cheaply for both systems ...

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